UTPlus Interactive: An Inspirational Dev Story

With news surrounding the gorgeous RPG title ShadowBlood, gamers have become interested in knowing more about the developers behind this unique game. Therefore, we want to introduce to you UTPlus Interactive, the Korean development company behind ShadowBlood. Interestingly, UTPlus does not only work on mobile games but also on PC, Online, and VR projects as well.

The team at UTPlus prefer to work on Triple-A games that meet a very strict criteria. That’s why their games are high-quality and impressive in the eyes of mobile gamers. They definitely stand out when compared to games within the same genre in the market today.

They have just recently soft launched their anticipated title, ShadowBlood and are aiming to globally launch it in February for IOS & Android devices. When analyzing ShadowBlood, you will notice the uniqueness of its graphics down to the intensity of its gameplay.

The developers have quite successfully brought their vision to reality in the making of ShadowBlood. These are the type of games that we want to see on mobile and it is our role as a community to support the developers so that they can bring more similar games. You can watch the trailer for UTPlus’ ShadowBlood title below.