Samsung Galaxy S8: The Beast Mode Explored

The year 2016 was a bad year for Samsung. The Note 7 devices were exploding, their reputation tainted, and it just was not what they had planned for. Recently, news emerged that Samsung is looking to include a feature called Beast Mode in their Galaxy S8. This feature was discovered in a EU Trademark application and the truth is, the name is all we know about it.

Samsung – Image Sourced From Trusted Reviews

As for the Galaxy S8 itself, it is expected to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor with 8GB of RAM. If this is true, then the Beast Mode is most likely a feature that allows the device to achieve extremely high performance that can be activated for intense gaming or other demanding activities. It is about time to have such a feature, perhaps then we can get the most demanding games and applications to smartphones.

To give you a summary regarding information we know about the S8, it is rumored that it will have an optical fingerprint scanner that is embedded into the display. Moreover, it is said that Bluetooth 5.0 would come along with the device and would not cancel the features of the previous versions. These are very interesting features indeed and would help counter Samsung’s disastrous fiasco with the Note 7.