Nintendo Switch: A Closer Look Under The Hood

Many are excited to get their hands on a Nintendo Switch after the epic video advertisement was initially released back in October. At the time, we knew that it will feature a Tegra chip but there were no details available until now. Fortunately, now we know much more about what’s under the hood, thanks to Eurogamer.

The device’s GPU fuctions at a lower speed (307.2 MHz) when it’s in a portable, undocked mode but can run at a 768 MHz when it’s docked. As for the CPU, we now know that it can run at a speed of 1020 MHz in its undocked mode. Naturally, the device has more power when it is in a console mode but we would have expected much more from its performance when being used as a portable device.

While it is being marketed as a portable device that can handle console games, we are starting to have some doubts on whether it can properly manage the big games such as The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim in its portability mode.

Furthermore, it will definitely need plenty of battery power for portable use and whether it can live up to the requirements is highly questionable. We will keep you updated about this device as we learn more. You can watch the video ad for the Nintendo Switch below.