Inscribed Games: An Inspirational Dev Story

Many fail to realize that talented & ambitious indie developers are behind the majority of the games found on the App Store & Google Play. One Indie Studio that is worth the spotlight is called Inscribed Games. Founded in 2016 by an Artist & a Programmer from Toronto, Canada, the studio specializes in developing games that feature local multiplayer experience.

Their first project was titled Pet MatchUp, an adorable matching game that can be played by 2 friends on the same device. It represents the memory card challenge in a classic and unique way. Of course, they have a lot more surprises up their sleeves as they prepare to launch yet another new game very soon.

The upcoming title will be called Monster Scour, a local 2-player game that allows you and your friend to compete in finding the nightly creatures first. What Inscribed Games is trying to accomplish with their games is providing a family-friendly atmosphere for their users. We absolutely love the theme that they are bringing to the mobile industry and they would definitely appreciate it if you check out their games. You can watch the trailer for Pet MatchUp below.

Click Here To Download Pet MatchUp – App Store

Click Here To Download Pet MatchUp – Google Play