Samsung Galaxy S8: Expectations Arise

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that Samsung is now stepping on eggshells following the Note 7 mayhem. The world now awaits the Samsung Galaxy S8 which may be the only way that this giant company can redeem itself. However, what can we expect from the anticipated device?

Samsung Galaxy S7 & Galaxy S7 Edge – Sourced from Tech Times

There are no official statements or leaks from Samsung but the rumors are alive and well. While rumors do predict at times some of the features of a device, sometimes the company renders a device to live up to the trending rumors of the people. One of the features expected for the Samsung Galaxy S8 is that it will be released with a 256GB storage which is massive. As for the RAM, there are a lot of claims that the device will contain at least 6GB of RAM. Furthermore, the design is going to be similar to the S7 but minimally slicker than its predecessor.

The camera is expected to be improved and include a dual camera system but it is not clear how far Samsung is willing to go in this area. Moreover, the screen will feature an optical fingerprint scanner according to mainstream rumor. What we believe will be available for sure is the iris scanner since the Note 7 failed to live up to its hype. So far, these are the expectations for the Galaxy S8 but we can be confident that Samsung will tweak the device to change our negative impression of their damaged brand.