A Mobile Perspective: The Future Within Grasp

We have been witnessing fascinating devices announced and released in 2016 and our imagination only extends wider to what can be one day possible. On one hand, iOS & Android devices have been pushing the limits with their GPU, RAM, & software. On another hand, we are witnessing competitors introducing alternatives to these two behemoths, such as Nintendo with their upcoming Nintendo Switch. Now, can we define the latter as part of the mobile family even though it supports games that are not found on iOS or Android? In a way we can because the device itself is mobile in its design & functionality.

We clearly see a revolutionary development in the mobile gaming sphere and the results are undeniable. For example, we have seen the Grand Theft Auto series come to iOS & Android, and even limit-surpassing titles such as Infinity Blade. Who would’ve thought that one day, we would have access to games of this nature?

Even experiences from the real world that were only to be found in PC versions before, such as the online slot games, are now coming to the mobile gaming scene too. Would anyone have imagined that you could undergo the Vegas experience on your small mobile device? Never in a million years. Furthermore, when we look at the dominating console games within the FPS Genre, we find titles like Call of Duty, HALO, & Battlefield to be realistic & addicting. However, new titles coming to mobile devices are similar in nature, such as Modern Combat Versus & Shadowgun: Legends.

But the counter argument to legitimizing the Nintendo Switch as a mobile device is that it will run games that are labeled as console titles such as The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Yet, this can never be a bad thing since it is quite a fascinating game and for the first time, we get to experience it within a mobile atmosphere. In essence, the Nintendo Switch is a tablet and whether you have an iPad or an Android tablet, you will not see any difference in the experience itself.

In fact, let’s push the argument further. The Nvidia Shield is an Android tablet and yet, you can play console games on it via the GeForce NOW which is a streaming service provided by Nvidia. If the Shield gets to be labeled as a mobile device, then so can the Switch.

If all of these developments and novel ideas have been introduced to the mobile world, then it is not impossible to imagine the next steps that mobile will have to overcome. The Mobile Platform is already catching up to Consoles & PC in experience, revenue, and applications. Here’s a bold statement, mobile has already surpassed them in popularity due to the countless millions that renew their device every year for a more enhanced experience than before. We believe that the future of mobile is undoubtedly bright and those that are on the mobile wagon will surely benefit from its fruits.