Huawei: The Next Company To Dominate Mobile?

Huawei HQ - Image Sourced From XDA Developers

We have seen the battle of mobile between giants like Apple, Samsung, and Google. Each has been dominating the mobile market in their own way. However, it seems like another company is attempting to dominate the market and surpass the aforementioned companies. Who is this ambitious company? You might ask. It is the one and only, Huawei.

The Chinese company was founded in 1987 and became recognized internationally in 1997 when it started expanding to other countries. Huawei has recently devised a plan with which they aim to become the global leader of mobile devices by 2021. Will that be possible? Can they surpass already dominating companies like Apple? Looking at it now, it seems impractical and experts are not sure that this is an achievable goal.

Huawei Mate 9 – Image Sourced From Tech Reversed

Yet, we cannot deny that Huawei is setting record sales in the market due to their affordable devices. In fact, they are expected to be the 3rd biggest smartphone manufacturer by the end of 2017 in the United Kingdom. They are currently doing very well in terms of reviews for their Huawei Nexus 6P. Furthermore, they have a very anticipated device called the Huawei Mate 9 which is expected to achieve phenomenal sales when it is released this year.

It will be an interesting battle between the titans of the mobile industry in 2017 and we will be keeping a closer eye on Huawei to see if their plan for world domination is realistic or a mere fantasy.