Samsung Galaxy S7: What The Note 7 Left Behind

Samsung Galaxy S7 - Image Sourced From Phandroid

With all that’s been happening at Samsung, there seems to be some kind of inheritance involved. Hopefully, not the explosive qualities! Now that the Note 7 is history, the company is trying to make the best of the unfortunate situation. Therefore, Samsung decided that the S7 & S7 Edge will be enhanced with some of the Note 7’s features.

One main feature that will come is the ”Always-On-Screen” feature which can display photographs, notifications, and the clock while the phone is on standby. That’s not all, there are more features that will be coming to the two devices. If you recall, one of the major features about the Note 7 was its innovative Iris Scanner that allows you to unlock the device securely. Even this feature might be coming to the S7 which would be a strategic move by the company.

Do you think that Samsung has given up on the Note 7 too early? We think that the Note 7’s reputation was destroyed from the time that numerous Airlines banned the device from boarding flights. It is certainly sad to see a wonderful device like the Note 7 removed from the market. Nothing is perfect in the world of technology and Samsung’s Note 7 was quite the perfect candidate to prove this proposition.