Samsung: A Time of Devastation & Despair

No mobile company has been struck with such a devastating crisis as Samsung has been. The company estimates that losses from the Galaxy Note 7 recall have gone up to $5.3 billion. And to add insult to injury, the giant company will be hit by a whopping $17 billion in revenue of potential sales of the Note 7. That’s what Samsung could have made if everything went well for the Galaxy Note 7. Profit comes and goes but reputation is the main factor that Samsung is most concerned about right now.

The question is, will mobile users ever trust Samsung again to purchase mobile devices from them in the future? According to our recent poll, 46.15% will not buy a future Samsung phone; 30.77% said they will purchase a future Samsung phone; while 23.08% remained unsure. That’s a high percentage of anxious customers and this poll should be concerning.

What Samsung should do to get over this crisis is to win the customers’ trust back. They need to be extremely careful and equally creative in what they release next in order to win the hearts of mobile users. Samsung has been a leader of the Android market for a very long time but is slowly being overpowered by Google and their new Pixel flagship. We certainly wish Samsung a quick recovery and hope to see them back in the game soon.