Alfredo Silos: An Inspirational Dev Story

Our careers are not always shaped by our dreams, yet sometimes if you dream hard enough it can become the case. Such was the story of Alfredo Silos, the mind behind Lines of Defense. At a very young age, his favorite hobby was to play and watch video games. His hobby turned into obsession, and his obsession into inspiration. At the age of 9, he decided to learn computer animation and by the age of 17, he started learning programming in order to develop his own games.

His first projects were web-games while developing games for clients at the same time. It was by the age of 21, however, when he decided once and for all that he wants to become an independent game developer. Around that time, he heard that a new Star Wars film is going to be released soon. Being a hardcore fan of the franchise, he wanted to develop his own game that can capture the epic space battles which Star Wars magnificently depicts. This lifetime of love for games was the genesis of Lines of Defense, his first mobile game yet.

He ensured that his first mobile game will be a fast-paced title where you can build a fleet and defend Earth from an alien invasion. He worked on it from 3D models to textures, and programming to even voiceovers! 3 years later, Lines of Defense was ready and released on January 2016 for iOS & Android. This was a lifetime of belief, commitment, dedication, and hard work. The mobile gaming platform is supported by fascinating individuals like Alfredo, people that follow their dreams and keep trying until they bring their idea to fruition. You can watch the trailer for Lines of Defense at the bottom of the page.

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