The Note 7: Oh Samsung…Not Again!

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”Rethink what a phone can do,” is a motto that Samsung uses for one of its devices. After the Note 7 was released, we now see what a phone can do – Explode! Putting humor aside, we acknowledge that Samsung is truly a leader in the phone industry and has released phenomenal devices that raised the bar to a higher level. However, after the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices were recalled due to countless reports of explosive batteries, Samsung went on to release a ”safer” version of the Note 7. ”How did the replacement devices perform?” You may ask. Not very well.

Exploded Galaxy Note 7 – Image Sourced From Android Authority

In fact, according to a report by the BBC, Michael Klering from Kentucky woke up to discover that his recently replaced Note 7 has filled the room with smoke. The replacement devices were branded as safe by Samsung and this further tarnishes their reputation in regards to the Galaxy Note Flagship. Unfortunately, the news get even worse. The Note 7 was not charging when the incident occurred, according to Michael Klering. This renders the device to be even more dangerous as you cannot predict when the battery can go ablaze.

Finally, Sky News reports that Samsung expects its quarterly profit to rise by 6% (up to $7 Billion) despite the Note 7 crisis. That’s impressive following a global disaster that may scare future customers away. Will you buy a Samsung phone in the future or has this incident pushed you away towards a different company? Let us know in the polls below.