The Samsung Note Flagship: A Smoking Family

Well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Samsung would probably not like this statement, especially that it mentions ”apple.” Anyway, according to the BBC, a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 went ablaze on an Indian plane. The cabin crew used a fire extinguisher to counter the smoking Note 2, IndiGo describes. The handset is said to have been spitting sparks and this is going to further ruin Samsung’s reputation.

If you have been following the news then you know that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has been considered dangerous after several devices have exploded around the world. This led Samsung to recall millions of Note 7 handsets due to defective batteries. What raises concern is that this time, the Note 2 is the device that made the news. Therefore, we are wondering whether there is serious problems in the Note family as a whole or is this just a rare case for the Note 2?

It is safe to say that Samsung has a lot of PR to work on and safer devices to deliver. Airlines have now deemed Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices as risky and are not welcome into any flight. Will the incident with the Note 2 tarnish Samsung’s well-earned reputation as a global leader in the mobile industry and is this the beginning of an empire’s downfall?