The iPhone 7: Trouble In Paradise?

When the whole Samsung Galaxy Note 7 controversy exploded worldwide, Apple took the stage to unveil their new series in the iPhone franchise. This was truly an advantage for Apple since Samsung had to recall millions of phones due to the battery problem reported by users. However, the iPhone 7 isn’t the perfect device that we all thought it would be.

There have been reports by iPhone 7 users claiming that the device is making ”hissing sounds.” Apple has replaced the defected devices that were reported. Therefore, if you have recently purchased or plan to purchase an iPhone 7 then be sure to bring it close to your ear and listen to any hissing-like sounds that might come from the device. If you do notice a strange sound then take it back to the store and you will get a replacement.

While this is a small issue, other issues have started to come to light in regards to the new device. Users have also reported that the home button on the iPhone 7 doesn’t respond well when you are wearing gloves. This may not be a major problem for most users since they will not wear gloves while using their phone but still, the high expectations we all had for the Apple device are beginning to crumble. Will there be more problems uncovered and reported in the upcoming days? Only time will tell.