iOS 10: The Good, The Bad, & The Controversial

We all have a hard time upgrading our operating system due to the inconvenience that sometimes follows. Upgrading may mean that you won’t be able to use your screen recorder, lose your jailbreak, or even experience new bugs you haven’t experienced before. Now, iOS 10 is available and you may be wondering whether it is worth the upgrade or not. What we want to do is bring awareness to what you might expect when you upgrade but we will leave the final decision for you to make.

At the Apple Keynote, Apple boasted that iOS 10 is the most advanced operating system available in the market, yet we will see whether this claim holds veracity or not. With the new OS upgrade, we have noticed fun features available for iMessage, such as using your own handwriting, using invisible ink to send a vague message or photo and revealing it with a swipe of your finger, or even adding stickers. These features are absolutely worthwhile for the chatters amongst you.

In addition, now Apple has integrated a cool feature which allows your phone to wake simply by raising it. You can even respond to a message right from your notification list which is pretty convenient. With iOS 10, you will notice a new lock screen where you can unlock your screen via your home button rather than the classic swiping. Furthermore, 3D Touch has been enhanced where you can interact with apps by hard pressing them. And if you are into Music or Maps, then you will notice how they have been both redesigned with more convenience.

iOS 10 – Sourced From TechRadar

Here’s the best part about iOS 10, now you can delete Apple’s stock apps! That’s right, finally this has been made possible with the new operating system. This actually might be the very reason why many will choose to upgrade to iOS 10. Photos have been revisited with an artificial intelligence that allows you to search images easily. If you search for ”Sky” for instance, all images with the sky appearing will be made available for you to pick from. The more frightening thing about technology is what Apple changed about the Keyboard. For example, if someone you are chatting with asks you for your address, the Keyboard would automatically suggest it for you to send.

Speaking of technology, Siri has now become more advanced. It can ask Uber for a car for you or manage a transaction to a person if you ask it to. This is possible due to Apple integrating Siri with different apps that allow you to do so. Moreover, we are excited about the new app called Swift Playgrounds which teaches app coding to beginners. This all sounds amazing, right? It does, but wait there’s more.

Users that tried to install iOS 10 have experienced problems as well. Some couldn’t complete the installation process with the device asking them to ”plug their iOS device” which led their devices to become bricked. Apple has made a statement saying that the issue has been resolved and that you are safe to proceed in upgrading your operating system.

Our advice? Backup your device before you try anything and we would recommend that you wait a while and see the feedback from different users. However, if you still insist in proceeding to upgrade to iOS 10, then do it via iTunes by plugging your device into a PC rather than over-the-air because it seems that the majority of those that experienced problems were the ones that upgraded over-the-air.