The Galaxy Note 7: Caution! Battery May Explode

Today’s story is truly frightening, especially when we all take it for granted that the technology we use is completely safe. Since the Galaxy Note 7 was announced and released, everyone was excited about it and the new features that come with it. However, Samsung decided to delay shipments of their new device due to reports of it overheating, catching fire, and even exploding! This has led Samsung shares to dramatically fall as low as 3.5%.

Exploded Battery of Galaxy Note 7 – Ariel Gonzalez (Sourced from BBC)

There have been images of the exploded device as well as videos going viral on the internet. One user, Ariel Gonzalez, claimed that his Galaxy Note 7 caught fire right after he unplugged the Samsung charger. The charger was an official Samsung product that came along with the device. The entire incident raised some concerns over the health and safety of Galaxy Note 7 users. Currently, Samsung’s investigation revealed that the reason was due to faulty batteries and they are inspecting this issue further with their partners.

Samsung commented on the issue with the following statement, “We will share the findings as soon as possible. Samsung is fully committed to providing the highest quality products to our consumers.” This is clearly a devastating incident that will remain a stain on the company’s record for quite a while and this will definitely make it easier for Apple to attract more customers for their upcoming iPhone. We can easily say that the timing for this disaster can never be worse since Apple will unveil its next anticipated device this September. You can watch a video of the exploded Samsung Galaxy Note 7 below.