Android 7.0 Nougat: The New Operating System Explored

You all expected the new Android operating system to be revealed sooner or later but we all wondered by what name will it be represented. We know how Google is fond of sweets when it comes to naming its OS versions. It all started with the Cupcake, then the Donut, and here we are at Android Nougat. The new operating system brings a lot of cool features to Android devices. We already witnessed it on the Nexus phones and it is still rolling out onto others.

A main feature of the latest operating system is the split screen display mode. This means that you can activate two apps at the same time and each one occupies one side of the screen. There is also an experimental feature where you can activate multiple apps to appear simultaneously on the screen via different windows. Furthermore, there’s significant change to the user interface, specifically with the notification shade which now features smaller icons for settings. Also, notification cards have now been replaced with a sheet design which allows you to reply to notifications easier than before.

Split Screen Feature – Sourced From TechRadar

One particular Marshmallow feature was taken to the next level with the Nougat. The Doze power saving mode has been enhanced to control for network activity when the device screen has been off for a long period of time. This feature now saves battery by restricting bandwidth usage and background mobile data usage. Yet, these are not all the features that Nougat has to offer. In fact, it supports Google Daydream which will be available in a future update. This feature is virtual reality oriented and will allow you to experience the Google Play Store, StreetView, Photos, Movies, and even YouTube in virtual reality!

Nougat doesn’t force you to exit your app or window in order to reply to an incoming message. You can do it without changing your window or closing your app. The amount of convenience is unreal. Speaking of unreal, the new operating system now supports new graphics possibilities with the introduction of Vulkan which grants developers more control of the GPU. This will translate into smoother and better graphics performance while playing hardcore games.

Finally, now security updates will be automatically installed to avoid bothering you with notifications. Manufacturers will find it easy to implement their unique features with Android 7.0 Nougat, especially 3D Touch and similar technology. Here’s the best part, you will be able to enjoy chatting with your friends by using 72 new Emojis! This includes multiple skin tones, redesigned icons, more food, and other strange things that Apple users will probably be jealous of.