Nokia: A Serious Comeback Or Failed Experiment?

Who remembers the glorious days of the Nokia? If you don’t then you probably didn’t get the chance to enjoy the good ol’ days. Before the dawn of Apple & Google, Nokia used to dominate the market. They were left behind after iOS & Android became dominant due to their outdated Symbian operating system. Things got hard for Nokia so they had to partner with Microsoft and that deal prevented it from using the Nokia brand on the new phones. The good news is that this contract has ended and Nokia is trying to get its glory back.

According to TechRadar, Nokia is expected to release four new devices by the end of 2016. This was further confirmed by Nokia’s China President, Mike Wang. The devices will be composed of phones and tablets running on the Android operating system. It is about time they chose a viable path for the company. However, it appears that the devices will not be manufactured by Nokia but by HMD, a new company.

The company hasn’t shared any news about the specs of the upcoming devices but rumors has it that there will be a 5.2 and 5.5 inch smartphones. There are further reports from TechRadar that the devices will include QHD displays, metal shells, 22.6MP cameras, and top quality Snapdragon 820 processors. There is one thing we cannot deny about the Nokia smartphones; they always have high quality cameras. Do you think Nokia will attempt a successful comeback to the mobile market or is this another failed attempt at gasping for breath? Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on everything mobile.