A Tank Patent: Is Apple Building A Military Force?

Today’s story is quite unusual for a technology company that’s mostly focused on phones and tablets. We previously wrote an article on comparing Apple to other countries around the world. If Apple was a country, it would be the 42nd richest country of 2015. That is, indeed, a bold ranking to be in for a technology company. Yet, things are getting more interesting. Sky News reported that Apple may have filed a patent with sketches that show ”an articulated vehicle which runs on tracks.”

From any person’s perspective, it would look like a tank. This speculation has excited a considerable number of conspiracy theorists in the iOS community. However, unlike your casual tank, this vehicle seems to be two vehicles conjoined from the middle. To be fair, the law firm in charge of Apple’s patents claims that this isn’t Apple’s patent but actually belongs to BAE Systems, a defence firm. The whole issue is asserted to be a misunderstanding and blamed on a spelling error.

A Vehicular Design Patent – Sourced From Sky News

Whether this is true or not, it comes down to what you want to believe. One interesting thing comes to mind when speaking of vehicles. Apple is said to be working on Project Titan, a self-controlling car. Apple has several rivals that it prefers to disclose such a design from the likes of Tesla Motors and Google. This might be Project Titan and Apple is trying to conceal it. If it was really an error as they claim, then why did it take both companies over a year to figure out that it was so? Something is definitely fishy.

Finally, if it comes to two choices, we prefer it being a car rather than a tank because with Apple’s wealth, it can certainly build its own force if it wanted to. This sounds like a story from a sci-fi movie where a private corporation takes control over the world but Apple wouldn’t try to do that, right?

Source: Sky News