The PGS: Console Gaming On A Mobile Device

”If only PC games were portable one day…” You must admit that this was a wish many of us made in the past. Although we are seeing such a wish materialize with the rise of mobile gaming; this wish is being realized by Portable Solutions. What they are bringing to the formula is a new portable device that can run PC games. Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome the Portable Gaming System.

Described as a portable console by its makers, it is only 1.6 cm thick which fits very well into your pocket. Yet what’s fascinating is the underlying architecture of the device. It is powered by a quadcore Intel Atom X7 Z8750 which is clocked up to 2.56 GHz, featuring 16 GPU compute blocks. It can support up to 8GB of DDR3 memory which allows it to compete against modern day consoles.

The device features Intel HD Graphics 405 processor, a GPU designed for portable devices and a capable powerhouse that can run demanding games without consumption of battery. A device like this running PC games will surely heat and that’s why Portable Solutions ensured that a passive cooling system will monitor heat levels and cool the device down.

Furthermore, the display is truly amazing due to its vibrant colors. It comes at a 5.7 inch size with a 2560 x 1440 QHD display. It can go from QHD to HD and triple its frames per second while playing games. Interestingly, Portable Solutions enabled the device to support high brightness for wide viewing angles. Yet it doesn’t only come with one screen but two. The second display acts as a second monitor in Windows which you can use as a touchscreen keyboard.

The PGS comes preloaded with Windows 10. You can even connect a keyboard, a mouse, and even a display to your device. What is more interesting is that it also runs Android Marshmallow which allows you to make and receive calls as well! Now that is true mobile revolution. It is crafted with high quality material such as aluminum, impact resistant glass, and ultra-durable plastic. Featuring a 5-Channel Sound System, it can provide HD sound to complement the visual power before you.

In terms of controllers, while it can support external controllers; it has its own control system which has been designed ergonomically for gamers. But here is the real question. How much does the PGS cost? It costs at a price of $299 which you can pre-order by clicking here. You can learn more about the PGS by visiting the official website at There is a promo video for the device which you can watch below.