iPhone 7: Rumors, Reality, & Resolution

The iPhone 7, or what is now being referred to as the iPhone 6se, is expected to be announced by Apple this September. According to several reports, Apple is holding back on the ‘7’ due to its minimal changes. The ‘7’ has been avoided also because they might want to avoid being in line with the Samsung Galaxy S7 & Note 7. The two companies do have a strong rivalry between them so each tries to be unique in their own way and perhaps this is Apple’s way of rebellion.

Apple is not known for its radical changes in their annual devices. It upgrades each new generation with moderate changes but they definitely present their new devices as if they were out of this world – good marketing. Currently, rumors has it that the iPhone 6se will look similarly to the 6s. However, there may be slight changes such as a larger camera, antenna bands relocated to the edges, and no more 3.5mm headphone jack. According to The Telegraph, Apple may ditch the 16GB size and increase the handset’s size.

iPhone 6s – Excerpted from CNET

2017 might be the year of the iPhone 7 but for now, we will be stuck with the iPhone 6se. The new devices might be releasing on September 16th, as well-known leaker, Evan Blass, reports. While we don’t know when exactly will Apple unveil this new device but it might be in the first week of September, probably September 5th. A confirmation date should be announced in the midst of August.

Once the event occurs, we can expect at least two iPhones to be introduced, an upgrade iPad Pro, and perhaps a new Apple Watch. There is no doubt that the new devices will run iOS 10 which has been reported to include a great amount of cool features. One feature that stands out is the water damage feature and this may hint that the upcoming iPhone may be designed to be much more water resistant.

So what do you think? Are you excited for September’s iPhone or for the real deal that’s releasing in 2017? Some rumors say that the 2017 version will be made completely from glass while featuring an OLED screen. Sounds too good to be true? Well, regardless of what’s true or false, we believe you should save your money for the 2017 version because expect this upcoming device to be minimally upgraded.