Rovio: The CMO Has Left The Building

Rovio has just announced that Peter Vesterbacka, the legendary Chief Marketing Officer, has left the company to pursue startup dreams. If you are not familiar with Peter, he was known as the Mighty Eagle among his co-workers. He is unquestionably one of the best Marketing experts in the mobile gaming industry. Peter Vesterbacka was the man behind the curtain at Rovio, ambitiously aiming to make the Angry Birds brand as big as Mickey Mouse.

During the dawn of mobile gaming, Rovio’s Angry Birds was one of the most known mobile games at the time. The company was doing extremely well up until 2012, and gradually declined after that once freemium became a trending business model in the industry. Rovio’s most successful project since then was The Angry Birds Movie which earned $327.7 million at the box office. So the question remains, what will Rovio do without Peter Vesterbacka? How will his resignation impact Rovio’s future? These are viable questions that will define what comes next for the company and what path will the Angry Birds fly towards.

According to reports, Peter will continue to work closely with Rovio’s Chairman, Kaj Hed. This sounds promising and while the Angry Birds franchise has been successful, we believe that Rovio should try making new games and introducing new franchises. Otherwise, they would be beating a dead horse. As for Peter Vesterbacka, he’s a unique talent in a growing industry and we are curious to see what businesses he will create. Finally, Rovio CEO Kati Levoranta had this to say, “Peter Vesterbacka has been an inspiration to us at Rovio and a tireless brand ambassador for Angry Birds. With Peter nothing was impossible. We will miss Peter, but we are also excited to see what he and our chairman, Kaj Hed, will do together on the start up-scene. We all wish Peter the best of luck in his new businesses.”