Tendigi Phone Case: A New Way To Run Android On iOS

With Apple & Google dominating the mobile operating system, two mainstream mobile parties remain loyal on each side. There are the Android users and the iOS users; the rift between them has never been more radical. Each party argues that one operating system is better than the other, although we believe each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s imagine for a moment the possibilities of a device that can run both, iOS & Android. Such a device would render companies unstable due to the impact it will have on the mobile market. Yet, this prospect is not far from the truth and in fact, has already been demonstrated.

Tendigi’s CTO, Nick Lee, was inspired by the long-time Android/iOS feud and wanted to demonstrate that one device can run both operating systems. The solution was a Tendigi iPhone 3D-printed case which can activate an Android interface on your iPhone. After the case is connected to the iPhone via the Lightning port, you then run the Tendigi custom-built app in order to access the Android operating system. The case even supports an SD card slot, HDMI, and USB ports as well. Not only does it allow you to run Android’s Google Play, but it brings the extra storage along with it. Are you amazed yet?

Lee reports that the possibility of this project is due to Android’s open-source operating system which is supported by the Open Handset Alliance, a Google-led group. Lee is well known for many innovations, such as having Windows 95 run on the Apple Watch. Currently, there are no plans for selling this case commercially but plans to work on improving its design and performance. You can see a demonstration of the case below.