Clash of the Titans: Gameloft’s Final Stand

In a previous article, which can be read by clicking here, we discussed the Gameloft – Vivendi controversy in depth. Since then, it certainly hasn’t been easy on Gameloft, one of the biggest mobile gaming companies in the industry – best known for franchises such as Modern Combat, N.O.V.A., Asphalt and many others. Of course, Gameloft is a French mobile gaming company that was founded by the Guillemot Family, the same founders of Ubisoft. On the other hand, Vivendi is a French multinational mass media company that was once known for holding the majority of shares in Activision Blizzard. Now, it is trying to acquire Gameloft and they are extremely close to being successful. Why would they do that? What would this mean for the future of Gameloft? These questions will be the backbone of this article.

The Guillemot Brothers have been fighting this attempted acquisition for almost 7 months, since Vivendi started increasing their stake percentage at Gameloft and Ubisoft. The risk is higher for Gameloft because according to Bloomberg, Vivendi now enjoys the backing of the majority of Gameloft SE shareholders. This opens the way for a swift takeover of the mobile gaming company. The acquisition has become even more realistic now that ”more funds agreed to tender their stock to Vivendi’s 8-euro-a-share offer” which renders Vivendi as the undisputed victor. The Guillemot Brothers have only one hope, and that depends on a court ruling expected this September which might nullify Vivendi’s unwelcome takeover based on compliance issues.

Vivendi – Gameloft Takeover Graph Source:

Neither companies made a public statement regarding this matter. The strategic takeover of Gameloft will open the door for Vivendi to accomplish its end goal, the acquisition of Ubisoft. In fear of a successful acquisition, Gameloft filed an appeal to reverse the ruling of the stock market regulator, although this has also proven to be unsuccessful. What will it mean for the future of Gameloft if the takeover by Vivendi is successful?

The acquisition can definitely cause changes in the mobile gaming arena, especially for Gameloft games. Vivendi will decide the future of Gameloft, and mobile games from the company might take a different path from the way they were heading before. It is hard to envisage this future but it definitely seems like a dark one for Gameloft and for its fans. This is literally Gameloft’s final stand – the fight for its past, present, and future. We will keep you updated on this story for any new developments.


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