Nano Empire: Meet The Maker

Some ideas are so grand that they might render a simple man into a creative god. Such an idea has manifested into a mobile game called Nano Empire. The game was developed by James Senter, a university student studying Computer Science. His inspiration to develop a game where worlds can be created was none other than the Myst series. Although limited in resources and busy with education, James poured a lot of hard work into creating his mobile game which is based on a developing story and exploration of the unknown.

At first, he was doubtful about the idea that a text-based game would be commercially successful, but after he learned of A Dark Room and how well it was received; his motivation increased and he had hope that Nano Empire would become successful too. Text-based games are indeed just as good as the visually superior games, the graphics of the game are the limit of your imagination. Consider comparing a book and a movie. The movie can limit how a story can unfold, but a book can unlock your wildest imagination. Further proof is the fact that most fans prefer the books over the film series.

Nano Empire is based on a vast network of nanorobots that are able to create anything you can think of. Its creativity is not its only nature, but there is the destructive part as well. The idea behind nanorobots is not impossible and can make a compelling story for a game, and that’s how James decided to reveal the world of nanorobots in Nano Empire. You, the player,  get to play the role of a god and the life & death decisions are entirely in your hands. Essentially, the game’s mechanics are ”a combination of idle resource mechanics with modern board games mechanics.” James made sure that Nano Empire will be as fun and interesting as any player would want a game to be. He is after all a long-time gamer.

Finally, we had the pleasure to talk to James and learn all about him and his game. We are very proud of what he has accomplished at university and in the mobile gaming industry. Nano Empire is a fascinating experience for those that can imagine the impossible. You can grab it for $0.99 only and it’s definitely worth the investment. You can click here to be redirected to the App Store page for Nano Empire.