Bindle: The Ultimate Group Chat For Mobile Users

The mobile platform will always be incomplete without a proper group chat app that connects people. Mobile users want to see a group chat for all kinds of communities; for the gamers, the readers, the thinkers, and for groups that share a common idea. With such an app, bridges will be built to bring similar and diverse people together. Of course, there are many apps to choose from but, when you want to consider novelty, security, and usability, we confidently recommend Bindle – an app quickly becoming popular with gamers.

Bindle is free to download on the App Store & Google Play. The unique thing about Bindle is that it brings the social experience on a much simpler level. Upon launching the app, you can sign up or sign in. Then, you are directed to a page where you can choose to create a chat room or join one. The chat room interface is convenient and supports fun GIF images to share with your community. Unlike any other app, Bindle allows you to send private messages, known as “whispers,” without leaving the main chat. Now, that is a revolutionary change in the user interface of modern group chats. The developers of Bindle understand what the mobile user wants and that’s why they are committed to making this app  the center of group chats in the mobile platform.

After having interviewed the CEO of Bindle, Chris Toy, it became clear that the vision he has for Bindle is quite ambitious – and much bigger than just a group chat. Chris says he wants to remove all barriers to easy mobile communication.We even discussed the future features that Bindle might house, and we were absolutely fascinated by their ideas. Of course, we cannot spill the beans on these upcoming features, but you are going to be mind-blown by the innovative breakthroughs that Bindle is trying to achieve. With Bindle, you can create your own community and talk about the things you love or share the work you do with your group members. It offers  a simple way to interact with others and, after testing  it, we approve of everything that Bindle stands for.

Finally, we want to leave you with the inspirational core values from the Bindle website that the Bindle Team lives by:

  • We strive for everything essential, nothing more–even when it is the most difficult thing to accomplish
  • We encourage an ongoing passion to learn and discover new ways and new means
  • We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards in what we promise and how we deliver
  • We believe there’s a better way to do everything, and we are fearless enough to constantly seek it out
  • We exist in service of others and only succeed as individuals if we all succeed together