Mobcrush: The Untold Story

Once upon a time, there was a world where mobile gaming had no stage and where mobile citizens were constantly prevented from freedom of expression. Such were the dark times that withheld the mobile platform from making history & rendered the mobile gaming community paralyzed. During this period, the methods to record your screen while gaming were vulnerable to removal or alteration, and each time, gamers would find themselves prevented yet again from recording their favorite games. Then the idea of live streaming was introduced, and several companies attempted to implement the idea into action but most failed. The ones that did not fail introduced methods that were too demanding or defective; it simply wasn’t designed to be mobile. Mobile gaming had so much potential, yet it was suppressed by the lack of innovation, convenience, and quality.

On August, 2014, the Mobcrush idea was initiated by four pioneers that left their full-time jobs in order to build an ideal mobile game streaming platform that is designed specifically for mobile devices. You might be surprised or overwhelmed but all that’s required from you in order to live stream on Android is to simply open the Mobcrush app and tap the ”Start your broadcast” button. As for iOS, you have to be tethered to a Mac computer to stream. No cables required? Nothing. Well, how about settings to make it compatible with the device? Not necessary. But no other company managed to do this before, how is it possible? Exactly, and that is why we are telling this unique story of success. With the novel approach to the live streaming platform, James Hurley, Royce Disini, Stephen Dao & Travis Rogers have successfully attracted investors for the company and managed to raise $15.9 Million with Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers – a venture capital firm that invests in entrepreneurial ideas. Mobcrush’s headquarters is now located in Santa Monica, California; while the team has now grown to 26 employees.

The founders had a vision that was built on inspiring ideals, an infrastructure that was fashioned on the fundamental love for games, a desire for positive & accepting community and a vision where gamers & developers are connected. Yet, the more exciting thing about Mobcrush’s roots is that they are all passionate mobile gamers and play the games we all play. Many of them come from interesting backgrounds such as Yahoo!, Google, Apple, Twitter, Amazon, Samsung, Disney & MySpace. Just imagine, all the expertise acquired from these prominent companies is poured into the Mobcrush platform. When you think about it, the founders are not very different from who we are & share a lot of the qualities that our personalities are founded upon. They are aspiring gamers that are trying to make the world a better place for people like us. They have contributed so much to the mobile gaming community by inviting gamers to their headquarters, giving countless giveaways to individuals from all around the world and providing excellent support to anyone whenever it is needed.

Today, Mobcrush is in Beta yet it appears to have thousands upon thousands of live streamers and tens of thousands of viewers based on top broadcasts. What was once a great idea is now materializing before our eyes. Its launch was unprecedented and its growth dramatic. There is no doubt that Mobcrush will literally explode once it’s officially released. Millions will start live streaming their games on Mobcrush because nothing is more convenient or quality-focused than what Mobcrush has to offer. If you haven’t heard of it before, then you have now and it’s not too late for you to start your own channel there because those that do start early will garner a bigger fan base. This effortless live streaming platform is designed to work for iOS, Android, PC & Mac. Truly, it is a victory for the entire mobile community because now we can shine and have a voice the world. We were invisible once, and hardly could record videos for YouTube or even broadcast. Thanks to Mobcrush, not only can we go live but the streams are automatically saved and can be downloaded for you to re-upload to any platform you want.

Finally, you don’t have to be a streamer to visit Mobcrush. In fact, most of the Mobcrush users are passionate viewers that visit the platform every single day to watch streams about the games that they love. It is a platform that unites the talented and influential people on the mobile platform and a place where you will find wonderful events taking place. We highly recommend that you download the Mobcrush app on your device and join the community of mobile gamers. You can even start your own channel & distinguish yourself through the things that you love to talk about and play. Now we can say that the mobile platform will have a bright future, thanks to the Mobcrush initiative that has literally transformed many lives and given a voice to the vast audience that was once voiceless.



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