Eric Lajeunesse: An Inspirational Dev Story

An indie developer’s path is not without hardship. In fact, many indie developers invest years into a game that might or might not succeed. It is a risk that they wholeheartedly believe in, and a hope that one day will shine among the innumerable amount of games available. We want to introduce to you Eric Lajeunesse, the ambitious indie developer who single-handedly embodied his passion for FPS into a mobile game with great potential, Natural Born Soldier. This article is as much about Eric’s profile as about his inspiring work which has overcome major difficulties and fought its own battles to establish itself as a viable FPS title.

Those who know Eric are familiar with how much he loves the adrenaline and the rush generated by the whole idea of being a soldier. The chase, the solitude, the urge to defeat your enemy; all this excitement played a great role in the creation of his title. Don’t think for a second that this game will be easy. As the game suggests, you are born a soldier, you are molded as a warrior and there are skills that you need to master to become the best there is. The warrior mind-set clearly demonstrate Eric’s passion for FPS games and his inspiration to create a mobile game worthy of his PC equivalent and favorite, Rainbow 6. That is the type of passion we need on the mobile platform in order for us to move forward.

In our eyes, Eric is not just your average indie developer, he clearly has a vision, sets his own goals very high and he would be the first to criticize his own work. He is also a believer in the idea that if you want to play something fascinating then make it yourself. His convictions and the fact that at the time there were limited quality FPS games on mobile incentivized Eric even more to create something of value, a game that awakens our imagination and takes us back as children wearing a green plastic helmet with a plastic gun in hand.

As aforementioned, the journey to create such a fun yet complex game on mobile has proven to be quite challenging. Since the free release of Unity, Eric has been experimenting on materializing his concept of creating an awesome cross platform FPS for mobile devices (iOS and Android) with emphasis on multiplayer and has admittedly succeeded. The project lasted approximately three whole years and although released, is still being improved with every update. Moreover, if you are the kind of person that likes to stare at a mirror, then Eric’s game offers you the opportunity to customize and replace the soldier’s head with your face. Better be prepared to protect it on the battlefield.

From those who are unfamiliar with French, Eric’s surname is Lajeunesse, or Youth in English. Youth according to Cambridge English Dictionary: a noun (PERIOD/STATE), the period of your life when you are young, or the state of being young. A surname synonymous with Eric’s character and one that captures his attitude towards gaming and life. We hope that Natural Born Soldier is indeed the start of something great for him. An indie developer’s journey is long and full of obstacles, and it’s your support that makes the journey a more worthwhile experience. You can check the trailer for his game below.