Apple Inc.: The 42nd Richest Country of 2015

Shocked by this article’s title? It is definitely interesting to see Apple doing so well that it’s valued as the 42nd richest country of 2015. In fact, if you look at this article’s cover image, you are seeing Apple’s $5 Billion Spaceship Campus located in the City of Cupertino, California, which was designed by Norman Foster. The beautiful image of Apple’s new HQ was acquired by The Telegraph and is probably one of the most impressive buildings we have seen for a company yet. This four-story building will house 13,000 Apple employees. Apple can afford to build a sci-fi looking building because it is the most valuable company in the world.

Companies that have achieved what Apple has are very few. No company has pushed the limits of mobile technology more than Apple. Its products are simply appealing. That is why in the year 2015, it was calculated to have a whopping $231 billion (Chang, 2016). This lands it as the 42nd richest country in the world in the year 2015. Crazy, right? If you want to compare its revenues to a country, it is most likely to be close to Finland and is ahead of countries like Qatar and Portugal.

”Well, what about Google?” you might ask. Google is one of the most successful companies as well, but it brought in $66 billion in 2015, while Apple brought in $165 billion. The numbers are just beyond belief and its hard to image that a company can succeed at such a rate, but it has and will keep on growing.