RevolVR: Crowdfunding Campaign Begins February 23rd

According to a recent study, VR Technology has been more utilized by the mobile gaming community more than any other market. And in the light of this wonderful news, we want to announce that RevolVR, a visionary virtual reality controllers company for mobile, will start their crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo on February 23rd, 2016.

We are extremely happy to cover them for their great effort in supporting the mobile gaming community and for sitting with us to tell us more about the vision behind their company. Their line of controllers are truly unique, especially their lightsaber, mouse, and gun controllers. We can all see ourselves playing a mobile gaming with a lightsaber, or going down an intense first person shooter with a gun controller in our hands. These controllers will support mobile and PC gaming, while focusing on mobile in particular. For backers, the price for both, the RevolVR Dominator & Navigator controllers, will be as low as $49.99 as was promised by the company.

When the crowdfunding campaign starts, backers can support the RevolVR campaign with as low as $0.99 in order to help them get their fascinating controllers in production. All backers will get something in return, even those that do pledge a price of $0.99, such as having earlier access to all RevolVR builds, 3D printer models, electronic schematics, and 1% discount coupon on any future RevolVR product. This certainly sounds generous for a donation of this type. Of course, the higher the pledge the bigger the reward will be. More details will be available about this crowdfunding project when it goes live and we will make sure to cover it on our magazine. For now, you can watch below RevolVR’s video on what distinguishes their controllers from others.