A Cheater’s Guide: The Dark Side of the Apple Watch

While cheating is not a unique thing at school premises, there was an interesting incident that has successfully caught our attention. Of course, with the advancement of technology, cheating has become easier. Anyone can access his smartphone and google the question of his choice, or even receive images of the answers from a willing classmate. But the thing with smartphones is that that they are too big to hide, and some schools made it a policy that students hand over their phones before each exam.

Yet recently, it has been reported by ZDNET that a college student has noticed that a classmate was cheating on an exam by using the Apple Watch. But when the Professor has been informed of this incident, he was very surprised to learn that the Apple Watch can be used for such an action. The cheating student was raising his wrist to take a look at the answers coming to him and by dropping his wrist down, the message vanishes. Checking your watch during an exam seems natural, especially that it’s normally done by the majority of students to see how much time they have left until exam time is up. So if a cheater was checking the Apple Watch for answers, he wouldn’t look suspicious at all.

It appears that schools and colleges will have to deal with a new rising cheating method that is hard to detect. Perhaps confiscating all the Apple Watches before each exam might be the right way to go. This only shows us how technology’s development can aid a person to achieve his needs without the burden of suspicion.

However, this can be countered if a developer codes an app that can detect incoming messages during exam time from Apple Watches without exposing the content of the message. The reason for that is to protect the student’s privacy, yet detect if there is any cheating attempt. A student can easily avoid getting in trouble if he simply turns his Apple Watch off before the exam starts. The capabilities of the Apple Watch only shows that future technology can be used for both, positive and negative intentions. One can only imagine what would people do with the Google Glass when it becomes available on the mass market.