Project Ara: The Future of Mobile Technology?

If you have been reading our website recently, you would know that Google has been expanding/revealing its projects ever so quickly. One of these projects has shaken the whole mobile community along with mobile manufacturers.

‘Project Ara’

‘Project Ara’ is a unique mobile designed, developed & made only by Google ATAP (Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects).  The purpose of ‘Ara’ is to enable us to create a mobile that is specific to our personality & preferences. It has an ‘endoskeleton’ like frame to enable you to slide building blocks in or out, allowing the mobile to improve its functionality and features. The more building blocks added, the more features the mobile will have. Google says each ‘building block’ could cost $50-$100, however Google said it’s too early to tell.

Google already has the ‘Nexus’ line as it’s main mobile project, but from 2016 it seems like ‘Project Ara’ will be filling in that job. (It’s still unsure when ‘Project Ara’ is going to be released next year but we will keep you updated on that). ‘Project Ara’ has a similar concept to the ‘Nexus’ line where it has other companies registered with Android to design modules which will power the ‘Ara’.

The concept & idea behind the ‘Ara’ seems like it could help a lot of people. It shows that people can have a device that’s right for them without having to spend so much money. Also, most devices are upgraded & you would have to spend over $500 to get that upgraded device; while with the ‘Ara’ you could buy the upgraded camera/processor/screen/speaker building block & replace last year’s building block, or even add it to last year’s building block & combine them both. When you have dropped your ‘Ara’ device & a building block is damaged, you could replace that building block instead of waiting for a repair.

While ‘Project Ara’ has a lot of positive features; there is one immense negative optimization issue that calls upon this device idea. Although Android app optimizations are still not perfect now, the process is improving, ‘Project Ara’ could possibly make optimizing apps harder for developers & drastic for us users. App developers do not want their work to be hard & we want a smooth app experience. Mixing different building blocks could be the cause for some horrible app optimizations & I strongly believe this can be a huge disadvantage that needed to be known before device release.

Overall, ‘Project Ara’ is a great idea that could work for people who like experimenting and customizing. It could also be for people who like a phone that just works. But for people who want super smooth apps & games; optimization could be a problem for the ‘Ara’. As the device hasn’t been released yet, we are simply not sure on how the ‘Ara’ could turn out with optimization. If Google plan the optimization right, it could be a great hit around the world, especially with their aim of reaching ‘6 billion people’ with this device.