Google Glass 2.0: The Latest News On Project Aura

Google has amazed us with its capabilities throughout the years. Yet we all were surprised when it launched its Google Glass in 2012 for developers. It provided the user with a ubiquitous computer that visualized data in a smartphone format where you control it hands-free. In 2013, Google began selling its prototype for a limited time for the price of $1,500; and to make it fully available to the mass market on May 15th, 2014, for the same price. With its technology to record and photograph people in secret, it sparked fear and initiated privacy debates among the public. In January 2015, Google halted the selling of the first edition Google Glass.

Yet Google has not stopped working on the Google Glass, and is actually making a new edition of the controversial product, which has been dubbed Project Aura. Soon to be officially known as the Google Glass 2.0, the product has been filed to the Federal Communications Commission to review and approve the product before being commercially sold. It seems that, with the Google Glass 2.0, Google is taking a different direction with its product.

Since this product has been previously criticized as a possible privacy invader; the company might market its use for the business sphere, rather than for the daily user. The new edition seems to be similar to the previous one – consisting of a set of eyeglass frames while a screen seems to be positioned above the eye. Some rumors have suggested that it has a larger prism with a stronger design than the previous one. Interestingly, rumors suggested that it will also include an Intel Atom Processor.

From the look of things we can definitely expect the Google Glass 2.0 to be released in 2016. And since it will be manufactured at a much larger scale than before, the price is expected to be cheaper than $1,500. The new improved Glass is likely to have an improved battery life and better performance. We can expect it to come in different colors just like the first edition was presented. There is no doubt that the Google Glass is a breakthrough in technology and with technological advances come the debates of morality. In the age of Youtube and Selfies, the public’s fear of privacy invasion seems like an overreaction. Of course, not everyone fancies the modern life of online publicity and we all should respect that and consider their fears and worries. But we know that Google will find a way to market its product in the right way, which it seems to be doing by targeting businesses with the upcoming product. However, if we are to argue that some people will use this product to invade other people’s privacy, then should we not ban knives since they can be used to harm others?