Rayark: A Legacy Built on Hope

Behind every successful story lies inspiration. This is the story that you probably never heard about Rayark, the Taiwanese company behind Cytus, Deemo, & Implosion: Never Lose Hope. These very successful mobile games have reached tens of millions that appreciated the novelty and approach of the company, yet not many know about the brilliant minds behind these wonderful titles. It is this story that we want to tell you today.

It all began when Ming-Yang Yu, the current CEO of Rayark, beat cancer four years ago. When it seemed that all hope was lost, he patiently and bravely fought the disease and finally overpowered it. This is, perhaps, the inspiration behind the subtitle of Implosion, ”Never Lose Hope.” Indeed, Ming-Yang Yu strongly believed in hope, and with this hope & new chance at life; he will continue to bring hope to others.

Following his recovery, Yu left his job at a local arcade game company to pursue a dream of his own that centered around the creation of inspiring mobile music rhythm games. He sought to start a game development company along with his three former school mates & friends. Then, the company was called HYPAA and had only 4 employees. It will later become the one and only Rayark that has been succeeding one title after another on the mobile platform. In fact, the company became so big that it now houses more than 100 employees with its games being top sellers in numerous countries around the world. In 2012, they debuted Cytus, the title that got Rayark the attention that they needed. Cytus and Deemo are both, award-winning titles; with Implosion: Never Lose Hope being downloaded over 5 million times. Not only that, it has won the ”iOS Adventure Game of 2015” just recently. This year they have collaborated with Sony to bring Deemo to the PlayStation platform.

Just days ago, Rayark has started a Kickstarter Campaign for its upcoming animation film called Implosion: Zero Day that is based on the successful mobile game. Before 2 or 3 years, no one would have expected an indie development company like Rayark to reach the exceptional success that it prides itself with today. Now, it is the face of Taiwan in the mobile gaming industry and is striving to build its name in the animation film industry as well. No doubt, they will succeed. Based on the novelty, quality, and spirit that they pour into their products, nothing will be able to stop their inevitable rise.

So what do we take from this inspirational story? We learn that no matter how horrible the situation you are in, it can all change for the better. No matter how dissatisfied you feel in your job, there is hope that you may one day be the CEO of one of the most revolutionary companies of our time. And no matter how hopeless and dim life can get, if you have hope and will, then you can take control of your life and pursue the dreams of your childhood. Such is the story of Rayark, a company that has risen so high in its originality, beauty, and art – to the extent that no one could help but wonder who were the artists behind the mysterious name Rayark.

Click here if you are interested in supporting the Kickstarter Campaign for Rayark’s upcoming animated film, Implosion: Zero Day. You can watch the trailer for it below.