The iPhone 7: The Rumors Surrounding Apple’s Secret Lab

Year after year, speculation and rumor fill the air, and in the case of Apple – sometimes conspiracy. Just this September, iPhone 6S and 6S Plus were debuted and released at the end of the same month. We barely had time to enjoy them, if we are honest with ourselves, and yet here comes the wave of whispers about the mysterious iPhone 7. While no one knows what Apple thinks of, since they ”Think Different,” we can offer educated guesses, researched facts, and believed rumors.

In the April of this year we were impressed with the release of the overpriced Apple Watch. The best thing about it is that it supports iOS apps and games which other watches lack, and we thank the developers for their hard work, but other than that it doesn’t have anything special. Nevertheless, since next year’s April is the Apple Watch’s anniversary, we expect there to be an Apple Event to announce a possible successor for the Apple Watch (Apple Watch 2?). This expectation is supported by rumor about the occurrence of such an event may take place in March, 2016. But we hardly believe they will announce the iPhone 7, but perhaps Apple Watch 2 and maybe the iPhone 6C which many iOS users are speculating about.

Rumor has it that Apple may remove the home button from the iPhone 7 in order to stray from the previous line of design and walk down a path that is more unique. This is move is strongly seen with their implementation of the 3D Touch feature that is pressure-sensitive. So it is possible that they remove the physical home button and make it more 3D Touch-like. Even the Touch ID Fingerprint feature can be resolved with the new 3D Touch technology. The removal of the physical button will provide more screen space without the need to alter the exterior design of their iPhone 6S.

Screens are expected to change. We have seen in the more expensive Apple Watches a sapphire display and OLED technology integrated. With these incorporated in the iPhone 7, it will become extremely scratch resistant with improved colors and contrast. Although, it is highly doubted that OLED screens will come to iPhone 7 anytime soon. Recent news suggest that Apple informed its supplier that it will start using this technology in 2018.

Performance is a big part of our daily lives and what comes to iPhone 7 will certainly be superior to anything we ever experienced. Several sources have suggested that the A10 chip will be the power horse for the upcoming iPhone 7 and it is very likely to house a 4GB Ram. In addition, Camera lovers would probably wish for a 15 megapixel camera on the iPhone 7 but we apologize to ruin your day. Apple has evolved its camera lines on the iPhone gradually and never took a big step in that term. They understand that they will keep releasing iPhones and prefer to improve their phones just slightly better to keep all options on the table when they want to release a different device. So a 10 megapixel sounds reasonable at the moment.

An interesting rumor has recently surfaced about Samsung working on pressure-sensitive screens and faster charging batteries. With that in mind, rumor has it that Apple is also working on new screen technologies to compete with its rival. According to Bloomberg, there is a secret laboratory located in Taiwan where the Apple Team are experimenting with new screen technology. Sounds like Pinky and the Brain sort of conspiracy going on.

Finally, we are certainly hoping for the iPhone 7 to come as soon as possible, you know why? Because this means better and bigger games! Call us what you will but that is what makes new technology interesting. It makes you wonder, ”what can developers do with it?” To wrap things up, Apple will be getting rid of the headphone jack in iPhone 7 according to several reports.